The iTank solution is a market-ready managed solution comprised of connectivity, equipment and services for distributors and resellers of bulk lubes and fluids. As a managed service, start-up costs are minimal and with average cost-saving benefits of 20% - 30%, customers typically achieve ROI within one year.


iTank uses the IoT to enable M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity that allows remote monitoring of tank fill levels, then leverages the data to optimize distribution routes, improve logistics and enhance inventory management.


Cloud-based and highly scalable, iTank includes an intelligent web-based management application that takes advantage of the IoT to allow users access to real-time data collected from tank monitors, optimized route schedules, and alerts from the iTank application.

The iTank solution is easily implemented for all types of oil tanks including heating oil, diesel, and heavy oil and lubricants.

iTank is a managed IoT solution that is fully integrated from device to cloud bringing together sensored telemetry devices, wireless technologies, and a dedicated application to enable data monitoring, transmission, and data intelligence. The hardware devices are easy to install and built to monitor virtually any bulk liquid tank storage containing lubes and fuels, water, or propane.

iTank has a proven track record when it comes to implementing device to cloud solutions. With a seamless network solution and iTank’s strong relationships with leading wireless carriers worldwide, you can be assured of robust, reliable connectivity for your iTank deployments.

iTank manufactures, installs, and supports the iTank digital tank reader (DTR) hardware. These devices monitor, collect, and transmit data efficiently and securely to the iTank application and are intrinsic to the solution. Customers have the option to purchase hardware up front or take a managed service option that includes the initial hardware and future upgrades.

The DTR (Digital Tank Reader) is a simple to install tank monitoring device designed for use with the iTank™ solution. The DTR can wirelessly communicate actual tank fill level data to a cloud-based portal for easy viewing on the iTank app. The DTR enables remote monitoring of bulk liquid tanks, mobile tanks, vessels, and totes.



  • Installation in minutes
  • Designed for operation in harsh environments
  • Seamlessly communicates data to cloud based applications like iTank




6 Volt operation using four standard CR123A lithium batteries, Ultra low power (<5 uA sleep mode), 2+ years battery life, based on 1 report per day


3.55” L x 3.55” W x 2.40” H (90mm x 90mm x 61mm)


Operating Temp:
-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F), battery dependent




Stainless steel piezo-resistive submersible sensor, available in various lengths


2” polypropylene NPT mounting plug


1 year

Contact us about installation, training, and field service for iTank devices. iTank brings decades of proven IoT expertise and global experience to your deployments. We also provide additional services such as technical support, professional services, and live monitoring where indicated.

Devices are installed on each tank. The devices send data (such as tank level measurements, fuel temperature, status parameters) wirelessly to the cloud for processing by the iTank application where users can view reports and route optimization schedules.


The iTank application optimizes route planning for deliveries, provides actionable alerts on tank deployments by location, and displays real-time reports of fill levels, inventory, and other status data.


iTank helps increase operational efficiencies, reduce miles driven, eliminate emergency deliveries and improve ROI, making it easy and cost-effective to enable remote tank monitoring.

iTank is an intrinsically safe solution that allows distributors to maintain control over propane tank monitoring and distribution.

 iTank supports both single tanks and tank farms, including those that require intrinsically safe environments and GPS tracking.

Managed Solution for Remote Tank Monitoring and Route Optimization

Lubes & Fuels

The iTank Solution


DTR (Models DTR, DTR1, DTR1G) Digital Tank Reader


Installation & Field Service

To Implement iTank:

Propane & Other Gas Tanks

  • Eliminate manual tank readings and decrease inventory shrinkage.
  • Eliminate emergency deliveries while maximizing delivery and pickup quantities.
  • Save on fuel, staff time, and wear-and-tear on the delivery fleet.
  • Minimize time spent on inventory management.
  • Offer customized delivery solutions that improve service delivery.

Use Cases

Solution Components


Trusted Partner of Industry Leaders

The NetrIS 3G is an intrinsically safe digital tank reader and meter monitoring device and a key component of the iTank solution. It wirelessly communicates accurate tank level data to the iTank application ensuring efficient monitoring of bulk liquid tanks, mobile tanks, and meters.



  • Safely monitors fluids in hazardous environments
  • Ruggedized design for operation in harsh environments
  • Extra long battery life




Number of Inputs:
2 analog signals; capable of a dual pressure solution


Lithium battery pack


Data Transmission:




Polyamide & reinforced polyphthalamide


FPM (Viton®)


IP Grade:
IP68Z1/R / IP66 with ventilation membrane A/W


160 x 90 x 68 mm




Operating Temp:
Non-GPS: -30°C to +60°C / -22°F to 140°F,
GPS: -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to 140°F


ATEX II (1)G [Ex ia] IIBA, II 2(1)G Ex ia [ia] IIB T3Z1/R, SEV 10 ATEX 0115 [-40°C to +60°C], UL IS C1D1


Various Options


1 year

NetrIs 3G Digital Tank Reader

Our Solution

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