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  • Battery powered tank level monitor operating on LTE cellular network.
  • Monitor is installed at monitored tank. No home access needed.
  • Above ground and underground tanks supported..
  • Safe, field replaceable, waterproof battery package
  • Compatible with all Rochester R3D small tank dials.


  • Approx: 6” tall x 5” wide
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz. (33 kg)
  • Operating temperature range of -40C to+60C (-40F to + 140F).
  • Enclosure designed to meet IP68 (submersible) environmental requirements.

LTE Residential Cellular Tank Monitor

Hard to predict residential customers, such as those with heat pumps, wood burners, pool heaters, and standby generators, make planning efficient deliveries a challenge.


The WESROC Residential Tank Monitor keeps you informed with the necessary tank information you need to schedule efficient deliveries while preventing costly run-outs.


This advanced monitor communicates using the Long-term Evolution (LTE) cellular network, it is the latest cellular network available for machine-to-machine communication.  This network ensures the long-term viability of your monitoring hardware by protecting you from network obsolescence.


Top Takeaway Points

  • Three year warranty
  • Battery typically lasts over five years
  • Field replaceable battery
  • Low monthly reporting costs
  • Magnetically mounted
  • Operating temperature range of -40F to +140F

Reporting Features

  • Configurable scheduled report intervals
  • Level, fill event, draw rate and manually triggered reports.
  • Configurable warning and critical alarm thresholds for low or high tank levels.
  • Configurable fill and draw rate event thresholds.
  • Configurable dial scaling for horizontal, vertical, fuel oils, etc.
  • Cellular system information and signal strength indication.
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LTE Residential Tank Monitor

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