Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are designed primarily for machine-to-machine communication only. LoRa devices communicate on this network using very small amounts of data and require far less energy than other devices, therefore battery life is long lasting.


Fuel and propane suppliers are able to take advantage of this low cost monitor by monitoring more of their tanks. With larger deployments, marketers have access to a much larger sampling of data, which leads to improved business intelligence and more satisfied customers.

  • Measures tank levels to optimize delivery efficiency
  • 3-year warranty
  • Extended life Lithium battery
  • 60” standard cable, additional lengths available
  • Hall effect sensor measures Rochester Remote Dial (R3D®)
  • Uses LoRa® technology for low-cost, low-power, long-range transmission
  • Up to 25-mile range
  • Compatible with Rochester float-arm assemblies
  • Easy magnet activation

LPWAN Tank Monitor (LTM)


  • Hourly data transmission
  • Extended life Lithium battery
  • Compatible with Rochester R3D tank dials.
  • Configurable dial scaling for horizontal, vertical, fuel oils, etc.
  • Up to 25 mile range
  • Mounting tabs with magnets for easy installs
  • Tabs also support mounting to poly lids

Reporting Features

  • Adjustable scheduling of report intervals
  • Configurable warning and critical alarm thresholds for low or high tank levels
  • Level, fill event, draw rate, and manually triggered reports
  • Battery status
  • All fills are time stamped and reported immediately



  • Dimensions: 2.25”  x 2.5”  x 3” tall
  • Weight: 6.8 oz
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