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Commercial Business Monitoring

Many WESROC customers monitor tanks used in commercial businesses to prevent run-outs.  WESROC technology enables our customers to monitor additional assets for their customers that provide a valuable expanded service.


Pizzerias and bar & grills often fuel their ovens using propane. In some cases these establishments will also have waste fluids such as cooking oil tanks that it makes sense to monitor to prevent overflows. Many seasonal restaurants also often require temperature monitoring in the winter. WESROC technology enables you to tie in temperature readings along with your tank level readings.


In addition to fueling water heaters, propane is also used in cooking equipment such as stoves and ovens in many hospitals that have commercial kitchens. For many chefs, working in commercial kitchens, propane gas is the preferred method of cooking.  Monitoring large freeze and refrigeration units is also an important for insuring food safety.


Most marinas have propane available and these tanks need to be monitored due to the unpredictable usage by their customers.  Many larger boats have galleys containing a propane cooking range and oven. In addition, propane fueled outboard motors are now becoming more common.

Golf Courses

The unique advantages of propane-powered equipment are everything a golf course superintendent wants. It offers powerful equipment, convenient refueling options, and overall reliability to get the job done.  Many courses use propane-powered equipment to increase efficiency and maintain their reputation for environmental stewardship.

Waste Fluid Management

Monitoring systems to determine if remote pumps are working that control waste water to prevent waste from entering fresh water streams, lakes and ponds.  Landfill pump and flare station monitoring devices keep landfill operators informed of potential problems in real-time. This allows waste management organizations the knowledge that they have reliable environmental monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WESROC Monitoring Solutions logo
WESROC Monitoring Solutions logo