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Beyond Monitoring

WESROC goes beyond monitoring by exceeding your expectations of service and support, and by working with you to gain the maximum value of your monitoring system and using it to its full potential.

So that your business nets the full value of your monitoring system, your sales representative and support person will work with you on a deployment strategy, deciding which tanks and assets it makes the most sense to monitor.


We also work with you to set up and install your new hardware, we can talk you through installations or you can simply watch our install videos on YouTube.



Our people are our strength. We know how we like to be treated in our day-to-day business, and we strive to deliver the same quality of respectful treatment onto our customers.

To help you gain new customers and educate your current customers about monitoring, WESROC will work with you to generate marketing tools that feature your logo and messaging.


Our marketing team can provide just about any piece of communication, such as brochures, billing inserts, web and email graphics, that you can use to separate yourself from competitors.

WESROC Monitoring Solutions logo
WESROC Monitoring Solutions logo